Tecno Sets Foot In UAE, Launches Phantom 6 And 6 Plus

Global Launch of Tecno Phantom 6 and 6 Plus


Unknown to many in this part of mobile market, but this Chinese mobile company has set its foot here in the UAE as part of their expansion which includes the Middle East, South America and South East Asia.

In line with their 10th year anniversary, the company launches its flagship smartphone series, the Tecno Phantom 6 and 6 Plus, which run in Android platform. This was held poshly at the Armani Ballroom, Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE.

The trends we identified across the region allowed us to see that there is room for Tecno Mobile’s offering in the Middle East where we are targeting young consumers to provide innovative phones and tailor-made services that meet their needs – Arif Chowdbury, Transsion Vice President at Tecno Mobile

The company boasts its so-called GloCal approach. This means, Tecno thinks Globally but acts Locally catering the needs of a particular market.

Prices are at 899 AED for the Phantom 6 and 1,399 AED for the Phantom 6 Plus. Tecno aims at “targeting young consumers and providing them innovative phones with tailor-made services.”




Tecno Phantom impressively captures image

More info of the Phantoms

Phantom 6’s ultra slim design with minimal aesthetics and subtly curved back perfectly fits into the palm. In addition to providing smooth multitasking with 3GB random-access memory (RAM), the new smartphone can also store up to 5,120 pieces of songs in mp3 format or 20 HD movies with its 32GB read-only memory (ROM). It is even expandable up to 128GB. Its functions are in parallel to a professional camera. It captures great moments in fine details, but packed in one of the thinnest designs in dual-back-camera category.

Phantom 6 Plus’ superior performance and outstanding look has resulted from painstakingly treating 32 processes and handcrafting in 2,880 minutes. A total of 32 apps can run in the back end without interference with its 4GB RAM. And its 64GB ROM enables one to store up to 12,000 songs in mp3 format, or at least 25 HD movies. For enhanced security, one of the highlight features of Phantom 6 Plus is its eye scanner to create a second password beyond fingerprint. In addition, complimentary anti-virus software Trustlook is pre-installed on the device.





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