Review: Tasting Authentic Turkish Cuisine In Saray Sultan Dubai

Turkey In Dubai

Turkey is among the other few countries that Anthony Bourdain has visited more than once. And the common denominator of it all, is the food. Of course I’d presume that it includes the rich culture and the wonderful touristy things in the country.

I am hoping to get a chance to set foot in Turkey someday and to personally see for myself how beautiful this county is. I am positive though, that the country’s turmoil recently would come to an end soon.

I feel fortunate though, to be in a city like Dubai or say a country like UAE, which hosts a very diverse culture, and cuisines. Turkish cuisine is among the many. And Saray Sultan, with its lone branch as of now in Reem Mall, Jumeirah Road, Jumeira 3, Dubai, helps me slowly realize that hope of experiencing Turkey.


Saray Sultan Façade

The Place and The Food

I was supposed to come with my brood but due to some reasons, I came to the place alone with a bit of regret. And more regret creeps in when I started to feel how cozy the place is. Especially when I began to notice the idyllic Burj Khalifa view from afar. (Thoughts then rushing  about the upcoming New Year’s eve eh). The restaurant is strategically positioned on the second floor of the mall.

After several snaps, I started to feel the pangs of hunger and so I placed my order.


Saray Sultan Interior


Saray Sultan Exterior

Summer breeze is finally over. A hearty Lentil Soup was perfect to open up my appetite. It has got that rich and creamy taste and I paired it with the freshly baked crispy Flat Pide Bread. Although it’s really to pair with my salad.

After finishing my starter, timely came my main; the hugely popular Iskender Kebab. It’s a “combination of doner meat and chicken, comes with a special bread, fresh yoghurt, special iskender sauce and melted butter top with a grilled tomato and chilli”. It was my first time to try this food. It tasted good actually right after my first spoonful, but the texture puzzled me a bit. I even thought it was a lasagna brought by the creamy color and the special bread on it. But then, the distinct and the non-greasy taste burst into my mouth. The combination of all those ingredients mentioned above made me say, Turkish cuisine is Turkish cuisine.

At least, when that time comes hopefully, when we get to visit Turkey, I now know my predilection. And of course I would not skip all their kebabs, lamb, and other top menus they could offer there.

I still have enough portion of my Flat Pide Bread for my favorite Gavurdagi Salad. A very much similar to the Tabbouleh salad for mezze in the Arab cuisine. To Turks and Arabs, Gavurdagi or Tabbouleh which are part of their mezze are served at the beginning of a meal. But for me, I want to have it all throughout my meal.

I had soda in between my meal. But it wouldn’t be complete without the Turkish Tea to finish off my hearty dinner.

Lentil Soup – Dh25/-
Gavurdagi Salad – Dh45/-
Iskender Kebab – Dh70/-
Soda – Dh13/-
Total = Dhs 153/-


Lentil Soup


Gavurdagi Salad


Flat Pide Bread


Iskender Kebab


Iskender Kebab


Turkish Tea

Saray Sultan is somewhat tucked in Jumeirah 3 but finding the place is not really that hard.  It is rewarding in fact.  Ask why?! They have good food. (I now fully understood why Bourdain kept on visiting Turkey) Attentive staff who are timely in preparing and serving the food. And of course the view which prompts me to give this resto a whopping 9 out of 10.

But lemme say that parking may be a problem. Just in case you can’t get one behind the mall, side parking nearby is an option.


Burj Khalifa View

On my next visit soon, with my brood for sure, I’ll have the Saray Mixed Grill and the traditional Turkish Coffee.

More tips and info:

  • Resto’s nearest landmark is Sunset Mall in Jumeirah 3
  • Saray Sultan means King’s Palace
  • Best to visit the place with family or friends
  • The resto has a capacity of 150 seats
  • Can order online through zomato or talabat
  • Serves breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Further info on SaraySultandotcom





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