Reading Need Not To Be Costly In Dubai With

UPDATE: Sadly, the company announces to stop its operations.

Going Back To Book Rental Is Cool With

Flipping pages of the famous comic magazine series rented from a small sari-sari (convenience) store was one of my favorite pastimes before. This was during my early teenage years back in my home country. Read the whole comic magazine rented for 5o cents (1990) for as long as you want then just put them back in the stand when done.

Not costly. No time wasted. No other obligations. No piling of old copies at home. That was the thing and it was utterly cool.

Here in Dubai, amid the ever maturing digital age, gigantic popular book stores continue to thrive in this multi-cultured emirate. That is because reading is the only addiction I know that everyone encourages to get addicted to.

But brought back reading to basics. Intended to cater primarily those who are on the go or those who loves reading that much but are tired of hoarding things up at home. Which eventually adds up to the clutter and which most of the times, end up in flea market.

This unique concept has been in Dubai for quite a while and has already touched a lot of Dubai residents. Rent a book online, it will be delivered and picked up from your doorstep. Aside from this, they also have an early literacy program which entices children into reading.

See this; join now on their website and select the best program for you. You can have monthly, 6 months plan or more, for you and your entire family in different impressively affordable prices. They have a wide selection of best-selling books and the like.

They’ve got Peppa pig! I never thought myself and my 3-year-old daughter would read this book countless times. She even wanted not to return them but was convinced upon seeing the other titles on bookish’s website.

You can’t get any better than this. That convenience is super cool. Payment can be done using credit, debit cards or cash.

So again, reading need not to be costly with No time wasted, no other obligations and no piling of old copies at home. Rent, read, return.

Please support sounds funny and the not so funny by making a purchase on amazon.

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    Thanks so much for writing about us! You make some great points about why it’s just plain smart to part of our online library…And that photo you took of the office is amazing! You make it look cool and fun in one simple image.

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