Epson Workforce DS-570W Vs. Workforce DS-1660W Document Scanner

Siblings Face-off

Epson Workforce DS-570W Document Scanner

This a bit small-looking, boxy type of scanner from Epson is something not to be underestimated. Yes, it is not that big and for sure, because of its size, it has some limitations when it comes to scanning. Its dimension is 296‎ x 169 x 176 mm as Width x Depth x Height. And being a “Sheetfed Scanner“, scanning books and other bulky documents are not possible.

But it embodies delicate tasks that its siblings (Flatbed Scanner) can’t perform. To highlight one, is this feature: An industry first with Slow Mode: Scan crumpled, long or fragile documents without increasing file sizes.

More of the Key Features are the following:

  • Wireless scanning: Scan documents easily to mobile, tablet and Wi-Fi-enabled work stations
  • Active Separation Roller System: Prevents tedious double feeds ensuring every piece of paper gets scanned
  • Auto Scan Mode: Quickly process physical documents in manageable amounts.
  • Optional Network Interface: Easy sharing between users with push scan and pre-defined job profiles

It can help your business gain control over critical information, improve the quality of your business decisions, and increase operational and process efficiency – Epson


Epson Workforce DS-1660W Document Scanner

Obviously there’s the disparity of sizes between this document scanner and the above mentioned. Just see the dimension now, which is 451‎ x 315 x 120 mm as Width x Depth x Height. And it weighs 3.9 kg as highlighted in the video.

They function almost the same. Only, since it’s a “Flatbed Scanner“, it cannot perform things like how the above Sheetfed Scanner can.

Finding a space in your office or in your home is not a problem.

Check its Key Features:

  • Smallest footprint in its class1: Making it easy to position in both front or back-office environments.
  • Scan a wide range of documents: Including books, bound documents, passports and delicate items
  • Intelligent colour and image adjustments: Auto crop, skew correction, blank page and background removal
  • One of the fastest in its class: 25ppm scan speed
  • Wireless and USB 3.0 connectivity: Choose flexibility and speed

Fast and versatile wireless scanner, with the smallest footprint in its class and a high-speed ADF for enhanced productivity.



As mentioned, they perform almost the same. It only goes down to some specific functions that an organization or individual would need. See below further comparison.


But if the budget is the main factor, one can easily decide between the two. The Workforce DS-1660W is cheaper than the Workforce DS-570W. The prices are approx. Dhs 5,539/- and Dhs 2,400/- respectively.





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