BenQ W11000 Is A Super Projector

Why It Is A Super Projector

BenQ W11000 Front

I was in great surprise to see the humongous box inside our small apartment, when I arrived from work. It made our apartment even smaller. The BenQ W11000 4K UHD THX Certified Home Cinema Projector is not just your regular projector.

I call it a super projector. Why? See the following:

One – is the size itself. As mentioned earlier, it’s humongous.
Second – it looks like an angry but beautiful Bugatti Chiron. Its lines and curves make that attractive semblance to that of an expensive supercar.
Third – its neat and and systematically assigned ports, buttons and outputs make it almost seamless.
Fourth – with its size, you’d probably think at first, that it would be difficult to install, but it’s the opposite. Installation is so easy as ABC.
Fifth – is its super-efficient zero noise capability when running it. You don’t expect that from a machine this size.
Sixth – is its super picture quality.

BenQ W11000

BenQ W11000

In the below video, you’ll see an actual delivery of the BenQ W11000 4K UHD THX Certified Home Projector.

You can find a number of 4K projectors in the market, but BenQ surpasses the overall attractiveness of its competitors. One key factor here is the price. Though the W11000 will cost you AED 19,999/-, it is still way lower than the others and yet having all those superb features.

The big margin of price basically is the ultimate reason why W11000 is the super projector, as of this moment.

Now, to those of you who have the intention of getting one no-nonsense home cinema projector, and who have the dough, I strongly advise you to buy this.

If you have some preferences, you may check as well below specs and see if these meet your requirements.


Before you head to your nearest electronic store, you must read this first. The BenQ W11000 4K UHD THX Certified Home Cinema Projector is distributed here by only two companies. These are their contact numbers and corresponding websites: +971-43706522 l & +971-43939930 l

But if you are not fully satisfied with what was presented on this blog and the vlog review above, no worries, as you can have a demo. After all, attending demos is one of the indicators of a good tech consumer.

Contact this number +971-43466745 or visit





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