I Lost 5 Kgs. In My C9 Challenge Which Is Great

The Turning Point l C9 Challenge

The first two days were tough as I mentioned in the video, but right away, I started to feel some great changes. Shakes during the two lunches were my most awaited meal. Drinking that cold, chocolate-flavored Forever Lite Ultra shake mixed with coconut milk was like having a one full meal on a regular day.

But to be honest, I was a bit hesitant to start the C9 Challenge or the Nutritional Cleansing Program from Forever Living. Not that I don’t trust the product of its effectiveness, but because of the “first two days”.

So last, last weekend; I finally decided to go with it. I purposely started on a Friday and Saturday, as our weekends fall on these days here in the UAE.

Experienced some headaches during the first two days, perhaps due to the detoxification process that my body had to go through. But the designed meals were perfect enough for me to sustain and even do some 30-minute workouts. The Garcinia Plus Softgels, the Forever Aloe Vera Gel, the Therm Tablet, the Forever Fiber, and the shake were all great. All of it gave me that energy even without having solid foods. Although I had with me, bunches of sliced cucumber as my *free food, just to get over the cravings.

It was tough, I tell you. But the feeling after not skipping and not cheating from any of those meals; designed for the program, was already a good sign that I can finish the challenge.

C9 1

Everyday, I have to take my breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner which started on the 3rd day. A 600 calorie meal which made the challenge even more exciting. Alternately, I had chicken breasts or salmon with either sweet potatoes, carrots, zucchini or cherry tomatoes.

No salt, just extra virgin oil, sprinkled with little pepper and balsamic vinegar when cooked. So yummy.

Every night, for the rest of the challenge, I did either stairs or brisk walking and some jogging at 30-minutes each or more. With all these days, I really felt different which was all great.

The weekend’s over and all the nine days went by smoothly.

I didn’t get that six pack abs like the one you see in the C9 box, as I still have a lot to burn since I was overweight, as what you can see in the above video. Was overweight I say, because I have now lost 5 kilograms. And I now have a flatter tummy. Yohooo! That was quite a feat.

C9 3

As I’ve said, the C9 Challenge is done, but the challenge continues as the motivation I got from the program still didn’t subside.

This Nutritional Cleansing Program from Forever Living really helped me in my goal of losing weight. Now, it’s your time to give it a try, see for yourself and learn all the benefits from here: C9 Challenge.










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