Little Manila’s Newest Addition: House Of Lechon Manok

A Variety Of Lechon To Choose From

I never hesitated confirming Little Manila’s invitation to an exclusive Chef’s Table, for their House Of Lechon Manok brand. Aside from it’s Saturday and it’s my off, who would decline to such invite which mentions LECHON.

This is their newest brand, which I think would increase their foot traffic. Wanna get this straight, though it is called House Of  Lechon Manok, note that more dishes are there for you to choose from. There’s Lechon Baka Liempo, Tenderloin Lechon Macau, Lechon Baka Paksiw, Lengua Baka with Mushroom, Roasted Manok Wraps and Lengua Beef Estufado.

To tease you up, take a glimpse of those dishes I’ve mentioned from the video below. Don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe as well.

Again, as mentioned, my overall assessment of the new dishes were all GOOD. The presentation, quantity, taste and the price are spot on. But I left some points and suggestions based on my taste preference like the sauce of the Tenderloin Lechon Macau; to make the sweet and sour combo taste more intense.

Lechon Baka Paksiw

Lechon Baka

They’ve also introduced the tasty Halo-Halo Supreme, which has a sweet potato base (not in the picture), the Cinnamon ala mode and the Choco Brownie ala mode, both have that right sweetness which is great.

Choco Brownie ala mode

Cinnamon ala mode

Looking Forward

I have already told my wife and kids that we will be visiting Little Manila again soon, for them to get a taste of those “lamian” dishes. Also, I am looking forward to munch their Lechon Pato (Roasted Duck), Lechon Kambing (Roasted Lamb), Kalderetang Kambing (Lamb Stew) and Pinakbet Ilocano (Vegetable Stew in Anchovy).

See you at Little Manila soon and in their House of Lechon Manok.






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