Review: The Small BenQ GS1 Portable Projector Is Big In Features

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For a gadget like this small, the BenQ GS1 Portable Projector simply put a good statement about the long time heated argument, “does size really matter”.

To go further, better to have a glimpse first of this vlog review:

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This is really intended for families or group of friends who love outdoors or who are always on the go but can’t live without entertainment.

Easy to carry, super easy to install, super sturdy and yes, it’s super cool!

See full specs from here: BenQ GS1

BenQ clearly states that this latest member of the family targets the non-technical users, so that’s a good thing for me. We don’t have to dig in into technical details as well.

One thing I’d like to highlight here. This might be a some sort of a con, but a 3 hour battery life for a supposedly outdoor gadget, is not just enough. I don’t want to purchase additional battery pack which I think will cost me more bucks.

But, option is always there though. A good quality power bank can be of help and less expensive.BenQ GS1 Projector

One touch set up means it’s ideal for non technical users. Conveniently moveable from backyard to campsite and even room to room, GS1 sets up at a touch and runs movies without a PC, all from a robust battery pack with simple self-contained freedom – BenQ

The price is a bit expensive which is Dhs 1,999/-. But is it a good buy? Yes, no doubt about it as quality and reliability is guaranteed. BenQ is like the Apple company in projectors. As I mentioned in the video, I am giving this projector a big thumbs up.




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