Bose SoundLink Revolve: Remarkable


I was still in my high school years that time when my elder brother, a seaman, brought home our very first taste of this well crafted Bose speakers. It was the RoomMate II powered speaker system, sold between 1989 – 1999. The experience was impressive.

Fast forward, it is now 2017, and I am sort of reunited with the brand with this small but incredible new member of the Bose family. The Bose Soundlink Revolve Bluetooth speaker.

Snapseed 3

With its circular design, the “true 360° sound for consistent and uniform coverage” is very much evident.

On the first try, it then right away exudes that bold and awesome performance which I’ve known from Bose, for like, almost 2 decades now.

Yup, for an 18.4 cm (height) x 10.5 cm (width) x 10.5 (dimension), no one would argue its small size. That you can even comfortably ask your wife to put it inside her shoulder bag when going to the beach, park or anywhere the family goes. But there’s just that incredulity the moment you turn it on. It can be described in three Cs. See my Instagram post.


No hassle. Just connect it to any device via Bluetooth, Soundlink Revolve will then do its thumping duty.

Bose Connect app can be downloaded from any iOS and Android phones. Navigation using the app is very easy and fluid as what’s being shown in the video.

It only weighs relatively light, in 0.66 kg. Well built and it’s “bump worry-free” gadget. It is also water-resistant. Can be used as speakerphone. Can access Siri or Bixby by just pressing the multi-function button. And with its universal thread at the bottom, mounting it on any tripod is just so perfect.

More Specs

Inputs and outputs

3.5 mm auxiliary input
Micro-B USB port

Additional details

Wireless range up to 9 m (30 ft)
Battery life up to 12 hours


If you have the dough, and are really looking for bluetooth speaker that won’t disappoint, Bose Soundlink Revolve is just for you. For only AED 799/-.





This is not a sponsored review. This is of author’s own and honest opinion.
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