BenQ W8000: Brought Home The Super Cool THX Certified Home Theater Projector

Bit Smaller

Compared this BenQ W8000 to its sibling, the BenQ 11000 which I have reviewed a while back, it is a bit smaller but essentially functions almost the same.

One noticeable distinction is that its body is once again positioned horizontally unlike the 11000 which is positioned vertically.

Number of features as well have been added to this supposedly lower version of a projector from the BenQ family. To name a few, there’s the retractable lens. Which I think, truly a remarkable development as this will give options to one’s specific needs. If you’ve got a wide space in your home, then it would be nice to get that perfect zoom lens as well. Just think of like having a DSLR camera. But no holds barred here, I was having difficulty putting up the lens as it is not as easy as 1-2-3 like how easy putting a lens to a DSLR is. Perhaps, BenQ could add like a white dot marks somewhere in the opening and in the lens itself, so as mounting it would be a breeze.

Nevertheless, I still managed to put it on.

W8000 Side

Another good point which needs stressing is that, with this retractable lens, transporting or bringing the projector from one place to another is now a lot safer. Lens is the most delicate part of the projector so it should be taken care of.

The covered buttons and lens shift levers at the top of the projector also look cool. The flip-over cover makes it seamless. This is where the levers can be found for H/V Lens Shift for that Perfect Picture Placement.

With H/V Lens Shift, the lens can be shifted vertically or horizontally to fit perfectly into any room or work around small obstacles with a dynamic range of projection locations. Image placement can be adjusted up/down or left/right without sacrificing image quality, resulting in a custom installation in any venue

The buttons, ports, and outputs are now positioned again at the back. But one thing in there I found worth commending is the additional safety-switch like thingy, over the power cord outlet. That, has a very good purpose. That’ll help any unexpected short circuit tripping and whatnots.

W8000 Back


This may not be a 4K Projector but its performance does not show otherwise as it still shows breathtaking motion picture quality. This is due to its THX HD Display after having that THX Certification and Rec. 709, an HDTV Standard for the Finest Cinematic Color Authentic HDTV Color Accuracy.

THX Certification – Reserved only for best-in-class audio and video systems, THX Certification guarantees equipment for accurate reproduction of content as the director originally intended. To earn this prestigious and exclusive distinction, BenQ engineers pursued over 18 months of rigorous development comprising 200 THX laboratory tests covering over 500 data points

Rec. 709 – is the international HDTV standard to guarantee accurate replica of cinematic color as the director intended

BenQ has always been open on the aspects where they are giving more emphasis in getting that quality performance for their projectors. And below are just some of those:

High Native Contrast for the Finest Details
Class-Leading High Fill Factor
BenQ SmartEco™
Flawless All-Glass Optics for the Best Viewing Quality
State-of-the-Art Image Uniformity via TIR
Motion Enhancer
Color Enhancer
Pixel Enhancer
Flesh Tone
Digital Color Transient Improvement (DCTI) & Digital Luminance Transient Improvement (DLTI)
Independent 3D Color Control for All 6 Primary Colors

Again, like the W11000, it doesn’t have a built-in speaker which I now completely understand. Even though I consider those built-in speakers to be useful for a quick testing, but for a permanent fix of the W8000 in your home, it’s just right to have a separate set of compatible speakers to make that entertainment more entertaining.

Even then, my kids were still amazed playing their favorite PS3 games when we tried it at night and at day time.

See more of the specs here: Specs

W8000 top

W8000 Half Front

W8000 Front


It is also a 3D Compatible and a Wireless FHD Kit so you’ll have that clutter-free streaming. And more wonderful things about this projector can be found here: BenQ

The BenQ W8000 costs way cheaper compared to its competitors. You can have this for only AED 9,999/-. And with that, I find no reason why this one is not a good buy. Start getting that BenQ experience now with W8000.






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