Easy Video Streaming With Epson EH-TW5350 Home Cinema Projector

Easy To Use

The Epson EH-TW5350 Home Cinema Projector is by far the easiest projector to use, to date, that I have tried. Easiest in a sense that after plugging the power cord to the source and after an app installation, you can then watch any video you want to, even by just using your mobile phone.

As what you saw or will be seeing in the above video, the family enjoyed watching some of the kids’ favorite youtube movies and checked some of my previous vlogs.

Thanks to Wi-Fi technology and to Epson for including a feature like Miracast to the projector.

Wanting to have a real big screen for your favorite TV channels or for your family movie marathon? Projectors like EH-TW5350 is the answer to that.

The iProjection Smart remote app is impressive. Free to install and easy to use as well. But sad to note that the app can’t be found on iOS phones but only on Androids.

Epson Front

Back projector

Another thing that needs to be highlighted is the “vertical/horizontal keystone correction” which makes it easy to set up and position even in a very tight place.

It only has one speaker though situated at the right back portion. But this 5 watt speaker do not disappoint. It’s always good to have that speaker as a back up just in case if premium speakers are still yet to be purchased.

The size is very much proportionate to its weight. With 3.1 kg, moving or bringing the projector wherever you may go is a breeze.

Its noise level which is “Normal: 37 dB (A) – Economy: 27 dB (A)” that you won’t hear any cricket-stridulating-sound while watching your favorite movie.

Side Projector

Top projector

This may not be a 4K technology, but with Epson’s 3LCD technology for high brightness and vivid colour, this Full HD projector features high White and Colour Light output that gives stunning images and videos.

We’ve touched more of the entertainment side of the EH-TW5350. And though it is being marketed as such, it is undeniably still relevant for office and other uses. Sales people, educators, and even in churches, EH-TW5350 can just do great with them.

Going back to its entertainment side, you need to see below advanced specs to see what more this gadget can do.

advanced features

With the price of just AED 4,300/-, getting one Epson EH-TW5350 Home Cinema Projector is a great buy. Contact or visit your nearest electronic store now.






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