Random Food Blog Review: 961 Lebanese Bar And Gourmet Shop In Al Seef, Dubai Creek

Eating Out – Al Seef, Dubai Creek

We were actually looking for that Thai restaurant, which we saw from Meraas Al Seef’s website, only to find out that this is not open yet. But good thing there’s this kinda funky yet family-friendly 961 Lebanese Bar And Gourmet Shop.

In the video, you haven’t seen us devouring our food that much as I unfortunately left my mobile pod/gimbal in the office. But we really did devour the sumptuous dinner.

The place is very welcoming so are the staff.  Not too bright outside and with just enough lighting inside. Perfect light setup for a perfect dining as well. Talking about ambiance here.


Hot Bread and Olives


Marinated Octopus


Roasted Baby Chicken


Grilled Jumbo Shrimps


Traditional Burger


Waffle with melted chocolate and fruits

The hot bread smells good and tastes delicious too with the pickled olives. The slow boiled Marinated Octopus, with olive oil, lemon, capers and tomatoes, which was served cold, was a good starter. Though not for the kids. It was a bit rubbery and chewy but just goes easily in every bite. It blends with the hot bread as well.

The Roasted Baby Chicken for my wife spews good aroma of flavors from the spices rubbed on it before cooking it onto the charcoal oven. The flavor was like all evenly distributed to the chicken meat. Potatoes and grilled veggies come with it. It was a winner.

My Grilled Jumbo Shrimps did not disappoint too. Not over grilled. It was just on point so as the not-so-salty-taste. That seafood taste is still there especially when sucking those yummilicious tangerine fats in the head. Yum!

The Traditional Burger for my son deserves a big clap. Looking at those melted cheddar cheese on top of the juicy patty could never go wrong, that my son finished it quickly.

But for our picky-eater little girl, she usually goes straight to dessert. Waffles with melted chocolate and fruits was just fine for her. And she enjoyed it.

The service was good. Fast. Happy staff. With good modern interior. And as I’ve mentioned in the Vlog, the Jazz music is a big plus!

For a Lebanese restaurant like this one? I never expected to see their wide array of choices with hints from different cuisines all over the world. They’ve got plenty of food items to choose from. You can even start browsing them from here.


To rate it, an easy 9 out of 10 for 961 Lebanese Bar And Gourmet Shop. The food prices were just right, with VAT.

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