Food Blog Review: Blaze Burgers – Not Your Typical Burger Joint In Dubai

What Makes It Unique?

Don’t think of this as a hype or just another exaggerated blog circulating on the internet. What I am going to share with you are facts and first-hand experiences. Blaze Burgers, which is located in The Walk, JBR in Dubai, is no ordinary burger joint. With that being said, it has that unique concepts and offerings that will leave you think and say, “how come they’re the only ones who are doing it” so on and so forth.

This burger joint, as far as I can attest is that, it is intended for those who don’t just simply eat to satisfy hunger but for those who are bold, with open mind and palate.

Just right after you enter, you’ll see their wall art, which reminds you that you are there because “you are not stupid”. (You’ll read it upon your visit there soon).

Before you take your seat, directly take your orders from the cashiers near the entrance and have a quick look up at the house rules. Among those are these: they don’t rush out things so your burgers may take a little time (they craft their burgers with love) and they don’t accept tips.


The wifey doing condiments shopping

You think only that? See, after taking your order from the cashier, you will then have your quick “supermarket” shopping, INSIDE. Grab one of those piled tiny baskets and take any of the displayed condiments on the side before going to your table. Who else is doing that? I can’t think of any here. Correct me if I’m wrong.

The Place

They have a wide area. Nicely laid out tables and chairs. Perfectly lit all throughout with those incandescent bulbs that add more rustic feel to the restaurant. They also have al fresco if you want. Their murals complement well with the overall interior.

The Food

Now let’s go to the most important part of this blog review.

At Blaze Burgers, you also create your burger by choosing which ones among the breads, patties and sauces you want combined.

I had the Blue and Crunchy Gourmet Wagyu Burger. I won’t call it massive but it’s indeed big. The white bun was soft and tasted good. Not dry and just rightfully melts in your mouth. So as the meat. It was medium-well, as my request so it was a messy-licious munching for me. The crackling chips added more excitement to my every bite. The arugula too, which is one of my fave greens, was so fresh and blended perfectly well with the overall taste. The homemade pickled onions, garlic mayo, cheddar and the blue cheeses made it even more blaze-ingly great. I love blue cheese but I never thought it also works well with burgers.

My wife had the ultimate 6Abooga Burger with the original Awesomeness Blaze topping. Cut into half. And there goes the melted American cheese, which made me drool even more, while me finishing my Blue and Crunchy. “I love it”, she said. It was with Certified Angus Beef.

Our son enjoyed his Old School Burger, again with Certified Angus Beef. And so our picky-eater little girl with her Crazy Fries.

Finished my main with the refreshing taste of American Mojito, while my wife mismatched it with the Superhero Milkshake. Don’t get me wrong here, I tried it myself and it tasted great too, only that it’s too much for her 6Abooga. 🙂

While waiting for the desserts, we continued devouring until we finished the Plain crispy Scoopers with their Awesomeness sauce.


Blue and Crunchy Gourmet Wagyu Burger


6Abooga Burger


The spread

Already immensely satisfied with our mains, then came the Gooey Chocolate on a Skillet Cake and Salty Treat.

Let’s start with the cake. As the name implies, yes, it was indeed gooey. A bit moist with the rich chocolatey flavour. It was fresh from the oven and alternating it with sundae? It turned out great. On the other hand, the tidbits of beef bacon for the Salty Treat, which is actually a Churros topped with ice cream, also didn’t disappoint.

But the uniqueness didn’t stop there until we saw their wet wipes.


Salty Treat l Gooey Chocolate Skillet Cake


Blaze Burgers made us fall in love with their well-crafted burgers and their cozy place. I strongly recommend for you to check out the place in The Walk, JBR.

To rate the overall experience, I’d give it a very easy 9.5 out of 10. The price is commensurate to the quality of food and ingredients and the level of service.

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