Food Blog Review: Hats Off to Luigia with their Bambini Kids Brunch

Experiencing Italy in Rixos Premium Dubai Hotel in JBR

Perfetti! One of the few Italian words that can best describe the overall Bambini Kids Brunch experience we had at Luigia restaurant in Rixos Premium Dubai Hotel in JBR.

From their grand entrance to every corner of the restaurant, the charm and class of which Italy or Italians are known for, are very much evident.

Giving emphasis on children by offering this brunch every weekend, from 12 nn to 5 pm, Luigia makes parents like us, feel elated; as eating out is a serious business for us parents with kids.

Fortunately enough, we were assigned to a table for four near the dedicated play room and kids cinema.

But before I go deeper, I urge you to take a look at the Vlog. Don’t worry, it’s a less talk kind of Vlog. As they say, video speaks for itself.


Coming from an archipelagic country, every thing seafood is always treasured. Reason why we had the Mediterranea Insalate (salad). A mesclun salad with hard-boiled egg, tuna, bu alo mozzarella, baby sweet corn and anchovies. A good portion that my wife and I shared. She had lemonade, while I had one cold bottle of beer. The salad and that one bubbly sip, was a good combo to open the appetite.

The kids pizza, Margherita with turkey ham which was made from a “48 hours naturally fermented home-made dough prior to baking in a wood-fired oven” was indeed special. Blame it to the premium ingredients, which include the grandmother’s secret tomato sauce.

But as what you’ve seen in the video, though we didn’t wait much time for the food to come, the kids dived in the play room. The kids cinema, which was playing Despicable Me, appears to be not just an ordinary cinema. It was as if you are indeed inside an actual cinema with bean bags as seats. Though doors are open, it still has that cinematic surround sound. Arcades are there too.

Mediterranea Insalate

Margherita with turkey ham

Paccheri alla calebrese

Tonnarelli ai frutti de mare

La Famiglia

Her Paccheri alla calebrese, which is made up of homemade Angus sausage, eggplants, tomato sauce, Pecorino Romano, basil and chili pepper has that tangy strong tomato taste. In almost every eat out, as far as I can remember, and especially when we are on a food review, I always let my wife have her first mouthful for our mains. Again, as what you’ve seen in the video, she uttered “yummy” right away.

While my Tonnarelli ai frutti de mare was paradiso. I always love seafood pasta. With squid, shrimp tails, mussels, clams, Piennolo tomatoes, parsley and garlic, my main is what I recommend for you to try on your Bambini Kids Brunch soon. Not bland yet not too salty. With just the right amount of cheese, that made me say “it really was and authentic Italian pasta from an authentic Italian resto, Luigia”. Not an aggrandizement.

Both my wife and I finished our meal with Gelato Latte, while the kids had Gelato Vanilla, with one scoop each. Yum!


Luigia Cucina

Luigia wood-fired oven


I’d go straight, 9.6 out of 10 is very easy for Luigia. The food, the service and staff, the ambiance (very well lit, perfect for instagram snaps, you may check out my grams on @santiagofilman), the music, and most of all, the play room and kids cinema. You are assured in munching all your delicious food as they are just at one glance away. The price is just right to the quality and taste that Luigia offers. This super family-friendly Italian resto is worth a frequent visit, especially the Bambini Kids Brunch, every weekend.





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