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This is a very rare opportunity for all Filipino Photographers here in the Middle East, Nepal and Pakistan, the “Ako Ang Pilipinas” photo contest. This very first exclusive contest for Filipinos, which is spearheaded by Nikon Middle East, is just one of the series of engagements that the company has lined up.

Thousands of prizes await, for whoever wins from any of the three categories. These are “Tao” (Portraiture), Kalikasan (Nature
and Landscape), and Lansangan (Street and Cityscape). Head and click “Ako Ang Pilipinas” now to know more about this contest. In that link, you will know the schedule of submissions per category.

We at Nikon have always emphasized on the importance of Filipinos as one of our key markets in the region. Not only is their technical mastery of photography amongst the best in the world, their creativity just seems to be boundless! We believe that there is no limit to what Filipinos can do, and it is our profound pleasure to support and encourage them any way we can – Narendra Menon, Managing Director of Nikon Middle East FZE

Although the primary reason of this contest is to promote and encourage photographers to join in the program, Nikon Premium Member, it is also their aim to “unite Filipinos by art, national identity, and sense of shared destiny”.

We are so proud to announce that Nikon is connecting with kabayans this year in a manner and extent that it never has before, and I for one say: it’s about time – Blossom Furtado, Marketing & Brand Communications Manager of Nikon Middle East FZE

Waste no time. Grab your camera gear and start snapping now or submit your old but unpublished masterpieces. Just to note, Nikon clearly mentions that no specific gear preference for this contest. Ako Ang Pilipinas.







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