Review: Is the Price of Epson L3060 Corresponds Performance?

Short Video Clip

Let me start this blog review with a quick video tech review which I’ve posted on my YouTube Channel. In the video, you’ll get to see how the Epson L3060 looks like and and its functions.

Target Market

For parents, aside from all the hectic they’re all facing every day in their respective work places; homework of their children are also waiting for their help at home. And this usually involves printing LOTS of papers. And finding a printing shop is always a daunting task.

There were lots of compact inkjet printers have gone released are now in their last editions simply because they lack practicality that end-users left bad reviews which can be easily found online. But this Epson L3060 has that feature package to rightfully call it an easy-to-use and efficient affordable printer.

This actually can best suit also to any households with members working in the corporate world and many more.

How Easy It Is To Use

From the unboxing, you can plug the AC power cord to the power source, squeeze in all those inks into their designated tanks according to color and you’re all set. Well, you actually have to to do some pulls for the control panel, output tray, feather guard and paper support.

Then to the control panel.

  1. The left and right lights indicate the network status.
    Green light-left: Turns on while the printer is trying to connect to a wireless (Wi-Fi) network, or fashes while communicating.
    Orange light-right: Flashes when a problem with the printer’s wireless (Wi-Fi) network connection occurs.
    The lights flash alternately or simultaneously while initializing or making network settings.
  2. Turns the printer on or off.
    Do not turn off while the power light is flashing (while the printer is operating or processing data).
    Unplug the power cord when the power light is off.
  3. When a network error occurs, pressing this button cancels the error. Hold this button down for more than three seconds to make Wi-Fi auto setup by the WPS push button.
    See the Network Guide for more details.
  4. Prints the network status sheet allowing you to check the network settings and connection status. The PIN code for PIN Code Setup (WPS) is also printed.
  5. Starts monochrome copying on A4 size plain paper.
  6. Starts color copying on A4 size plain paper.
  7. Stops the current operation.
    Hold this button down for three seconds until the P button ashes to run print head cleaning.
  8. Turns on or ashes when paper is out or a paper jam occurs.
  9. Indicates the status of the initial ink charging.


With printing resolution of 5,760 x 1,440 DPI, printing speed of 33 pages/min Monochrome (plain paper 75 g/m²), 15 pages/min Colour (plain paper 75 g/m²), 69 Seconds per 10 x 15 cm photo (Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper) and single-sided scan speed of 300 DPI 2.4 msec/line; 600 DPI 7.2 msec/line, the needed printing work can be done easily.

And with noise levels of 5 B (A) with Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper / Photo RPM mode – 36 dB (A) with Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper / Photo RPM mode, printing works will be always stress-free.

See full Tech Specs here

The Looks

As mentioned in the video, the L3060 is clean since Epson manages to do away with those bulgy ink tanks that was included like add-ons only in the previous model and editions.

Now, the ink tank is actually incorporated in the body of the printer, making it seamless.

The Verdict

Epson L3060 is a very good buy. With a price range of AED 690/- to AED 750/-, this printer will sit in one corner of your house, always hungry for work to be done. Epson says, this is the “Ultra-Low-Cost Cartridge-Free Printing” machine. Couldn’t agree more to that! Performance corresponds to the price.

Any downsides? None… so far.






This is not a sponsored review and this is of author’s own and honest opinion.
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Epson L3060




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  1. Arun says:

    Thanks for this review. How does this compare with Canon Pixma G3400/3410 printers? can you please do a print comparison between them

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