Why Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park are Perfect For Families?

Here’s Why

Because it has themed rides, shows, attractions, that are more than enough for families to handle. Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park is one of the few, best destinations in Dubai and the entire Middle East. Believe me on that.

If you were able to finish the whole 17 minutes and 31 seconds video above, that means you saw me saying one day is “bitin” or one day is not enough and you need to keep on coming. Just check out their array of ticket options from their website, that includes the annual passes, which I think (though a bit pricey) ideal for families to have.

We could’ve stayed a little longer but we had an important gathering to attend on that day, reason why we skipped a lot of rides and attractions.


Just to spoil you with some facts and figures, especially those to who are planning their first visit to this awesome theme park:

  • There are over 40 LEGO® themed rides, shows and attractions
  • It has mix of indoor and outdoor attractions, perfect for year-round visitation
  • It has 6 themed lands
  • With 15,000 LEGO® models
  • And over 60 million LEGO® bricks

See some of my snaps too on IG l Follow for follow @santiagofilman

See some of my snaps too on IG l Follow for follow @santiagofilman

See some of my snaps too on IG l Follow for follow @santiagofilman

See some of my snaps too on IG l Follow for follow @santiagofilman

Just the Miniland alone, you’ll be amazed by how they intricately built all those famous structures of Dubai and from other countries using small Lego bricks. And with that, I quickly mentioned to my kids (off cam) how were the builders able to complete all those displays. It all comes down to “patience, focus, and determination” of course with proper planning. Those three are important qualities or virtues that kids should have.

Going outdoor, as parents with two kids, I find it interestingly awesome to note, not just to see your kids playing or enjoying the rides, but getting the experience with them as well. Most of their rides are designed to be for 1 adult and 1 child (2 to12-year olds). All strongly built and are always like calling us by its attractive colors.

The gates open at 10 am.  We were on time, that we got to be in the first queue. But then we realized, it was already lunch time. Here’s another tip here. This is an addition to what I have mentioned in the video. If you have passes to both parks, I suggest for you to spend the first half of the day at Legoland Dubai. Why? Aside from the idea of keeping yourselves from the harm of the middle eastern sun (especially during summer), Legoland Dubai also has the Market Restaurant in it. They have good choices of food to help you sustain the day and continue the fun at the Legoland Water Park.

Then let’s say, after lunch, this will be the hottest time of the day but you will now be soaking in water with the different slides and pools in the water park. No worries, as long as you’ve applied your sun block too.

The Legoland Water Park has over 20 slides and attractions. The best thing about this park is that, all the slides and attractions were strategically positioned. From the Joker Soaker, Build-a-raft River to Lego Slide Racers among others are just like 5 steps to each other. That near!

See some of my snaps too on IG l Follow for follow @santiagofilman

Missed Rides

As mentioned, one day visit is not enough. With that being said, sad to say, we missed a lot of rides and attractions. So hopefully, on our next visit, we will continue some “unfinished business”.

With those endless-like fun mentioned above, I guess you’d agree that Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park are perfect for families.






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