Random Review: Don’t Settle for less – Manfrotto Pixi Smart Mini Tripod for your Smartphone

Why Mini Tripod?

In Review: Manfrotto Pixi Smart Mini Tripod

The selfie stick once created a craze for quite awhile, among mobile users worldwide, where Chinese manufacturers went crazy as well to meet the demands. This has changed now. Taking selfies can still be done even without using one.

But mini tripod came out. This gave life once again to the Chinese manufacturers, that as soon this new craze started, rip-offs of leading and quality brands can easily be found in small electronic stores; and in the case here in Dubai, UAE – in Dragon Mart.

Taking pictures or videos with your lovedones or friends with this mini tripod becomes so easy. Especially for bloggers and vloggers who want to document all those crunchy and messy bites, when having a food review or just simply having an eat out.

Rip-off 👎

When the family went to check Dragon Mart 2 one weekend, I saw this rip-off mini tripod, which was displayed in one of the shops there. I was hesitant to “convince” the financial comptroller (the wifey) that time to get me one genuine Manfrotto Pixi Smart Mini Tripod so I purchased this for Dhs 25/- ($6.8).

If you haven’t tried the leading mini tripod at first, it’ll be like okay to go for this cheap ones. But days after using it, you’ll soon find out its weaknesses and limitations. It’s not well-built, obviously. It is not as flexible as it should be. The tilting is very limited as well. The lock grip isn’t tight. Overall, it’s a bad rip-off.

Got enough reasons now to get on the genuine one. Settling for less, hardly brings a good thing.

Manfrotto Pixi Smart Mini Tripod

Manfrotto Pixi Smart Mini Tripod

It’s made up of aluminum and techno polymer materials and it has a total weight of 220 grams. But it is robust and guarantees stability. It is designed in Italy but probably made in China. But the brand has been the staple name for photographers and videographers, worldwide.

The universal smartphone clamp secures its every grip. The push button locking mechanism is superb. The 1/4 inch thread can also accommodate digital camera attachments. I even tried mounting my Canon 80D on it, sans Flash. Perfectly designed to keep your mobility at ease.

If you own a smartphone (which I think by now, everybody owns one or two), Manfrotto Pixi Smart Mini Tripod is a must-have. Don’t settle for less.

To rate this product, I’d give it a 10 out 10. The price Dhs 125.99/- ($34/-) is just right for all those good things mentioned above. You can have a check or purchase it now here in this link.





This is not a paid/sponsored review and this is of author’s own and honest opinion.
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