BreamSiLog – How Did I End Up With This?

It’s All About This Filipino Breakfast Meal

Before digging into my BreamSiLog meal, let me first bring up these top Filipino Breakfast Meals to you. These all starts with 2 to 6 letter words which derived from the name of the featured dish in each of these meals. Then followed by the next combination of letters, which is SiLog and which also means “Sinangag na kanin” or fried rice, and “Pritong itLog” or sunny side up).

So these are the following:

  • TapSiLog, (stands for beef “Tapa” or cured beef)
  • ToSiLog (means “Tocino” or pork belly bacon)
  • CornSiLog (which is the “Corn” for corned beef)
  • LongSiLog (means “Longganisa”)
  • DaingSiLog (“Daing” means sun-dried fish, usually milkfish)

There are so many other SiLog variants but above mentioned are the most commonly found silogs in any pinoy restaurants.

BreamSiLog (Fried Sea Bream, fried rice, sunny side up and kimchi)

Sea Bream Lovers

I thought all the while that Sea Bream can only be found in the Arabian Gulf when my wife and myself first fell in love with the fish and experienced its yummy goodness in Al Fanar Restaurant, years back. But I’ve found out that this bit of a pricey fish is also known as Bakoko (Tagalog) or Katambak (Cebuano) in the Philippines.

This is very common here in the UAE even in small fish shops. But in Dubai, the best places to buy Sea Bream are Waterfront Market (Dubai’s fish market) and major supermarkets like Carrefour or Union Cooperative Society. They will clean and butterfly cut it for you per your request.

This morning, after thawing and cleaning this frozen sea bream we bought days back, I sprinkled it with salt and crushed pepper corn then fried. Followed the sunny side up, then to the plating. Added 1 cup of rice, then a portion of kimchi, which I bought from the nearby WestZone Supermarket here in Al Satwa. Took out my phone and “kaching”. You may try clicking the picture above and you may follow me so i’ll follow you on instagram.

Its taste is like Sea Bass. Meaty, fatty yet deliciously crunchy too. What we like most abut this fish as well, is that it is not stinky like the others. Especially when fried. Sea bream is also great when grilled like what we had in Al Fanar Restaurant or stewed.

With its availability and its yummy goodness, I decided to make this loglog meal with Sea Bream instead of Daing.

And that’s basically how I ended up cooking and having this BreamSiLog!





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