Europe Travel 2017 – A Memorable One

Hitting Birds In One Stone

The number one factor that travelers always consider of which also sets Europe apart from other continents, is its Schengen Visa. And we just tried that in our Europe Travel 2017. Yup, that long procrastination.

Team Lamberang l Europe Travel 2017

Genève-Cornavin railway station

My kids Yuri and Yana were as excited as me and my wife. That waking up early morning to take our 8 am flight was never a hassle. Checked in on time and then my wife was able to make use of her business class pampering at the lounge.

Travelling with kids is usually off for couples but not to us. While in our Emirates Airlines flight, we had no fuss and they’ve been crisscrossing the economy, where we were seated, to business class (thanks to wifey’s company) to check their mom. This happened like, countless times in between that  7-hour Dubai to Geneva route.

Geneva, Switzerland 🇨🇭

This country ranks among the top countries in the world. And we now know why.

From the immigration control staff: who gladly stamped our passports without any lengthy questions and with a very welcoming gestures, even though I don’t understand most of his talking in Swiss, to the limo chauffeur: whom you can see on the Vlog below.

And to the barista: in Cornavin train station, who patiently served us steamy and delicious hot coffee and sandwiches to keep us warm in that 5 degree Celsius Geneva weather.

They were all nice and great.

Sadly, we spent only 3 hours in Geneva as we right away took the TGV Lyria Train straight to Paris.

Check the 1st vlog of this trip.

Paris, France 🇫🇷

It was drizzling and it was freezing when we arrived in the City of Love. But seeing the Eiffel Tower just blocks away Gare de Lyon Train Station heading to our hotel (as you’ve seen in the last part of the above Vlog) was like a dream come true and instantly we forgot how cold it was.

Very short yet very memorable Paris trip. Part of it was a Seine River Night Cruise, which was awesome too. I intentionally hoarded it as I’m planning to incorporate it with the Dubai Canal Cruise that I’m going to experience soon with the family.

Brief Notes:

  1. With a Schengen Visa, taking a side trip and not going right straight to your country of destination, is a BIG plus.
  2. Going to these places with Emirates Airlines is dope. Comfort, food and entertainment wise? Dope!
  3. Although these places are known to digging holes in everyone’s pockets, options of traveling budgetarian is not at all impossible.
  4. Taking any European trains is always breathtaking. From all those wonderful train trip videos I have watched on YouTube to the actual experience we had, I’d say, I’d love doing it again hopefully soon. It doesn’t have to be Geneva-Paris route again though.
  5. Being in Paris for just two days is just like scratching the surface. Make it 2 weeks, to your heart’s content.
  6. Using the hop-on hop-off bus systematically in Paris, would help you save time and soles.
  7. Going there during winter months must be given enough preparation.
  8. Even with kids, travel light is recommended so as not to fill your hotel room with just your luggages. Most hotel rooms in Paris are okay. Which means not too big and not too small.

Alright, so after Paris we headed back to Geneva by the same TGV Lyria Train and went to Chamonix-Montblanc valley. We stayed there for 5 days as it was the highlight of the family’s Europe Travel 2017.  Here’s to show you somehow, how memorable and treasured, this spectacular trip was.






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