What Is Stopping You From Eating Filipino Food?

The Late Anthony Bourdain Once Said

Filipino food has already started gaining popularity among non-Filipinos in America and the world. But it even gained more attention when the late Anthony Bourdain gave his prediction that Filipino Cuisine will be the America’s next favorite cuisine.

Nowadays, the famous and the unofficial national dish of the Philippines, which is the Adobo, can be seen in almost everywhere. As per personal observation on viral food or foodie videos online, TV food channels etc., which come from anywhere in the world! And it comes in different recipe variations too. It is just like when you are in the Philippines. The variations are very much evident depending on which province you are in.

Though usually adobo consists of chicken or pork, it is so much true that adobo can also be almost everything. You can have vegetable adobo, fish, shrimp, and so on.


Most Filipino dishes can be prepared in a flash. But there are a number of dishes too that require more time and intricacies. To name a few, there’s Whole Roasted Pig or the “Lechon Baboy”, the Pork Sisig (made of pigs head and liver), Embutido (Filipino meatloaf), Pinakbet (steamed mixed vegetables), Laing (taro leaves in coconut milk) among others.

But lots are easy ones like this street food that the family had munched recently.

Filipino Food Presence In UAE

Last eat out of the family was in Noodle House in their Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) branch. We realized, upon checking their menu, that they’ve now incorporated Filipino Dishes in their previously Chinese and Korean dishes only menu.

Kwek kwek (Fried Quail Eggs)

Kwek kwek, is just one of the Filipino dishes that everyone can try having on your visit to the above mentioned restaurant, in case  you are in Dubai, UAE.

This made me contemplate while munching, as to why the incorporation of some pinoy foods, like this. But I’m pensive into thinking that these might be the reasons:

  • Their clientele is now increasingly Filipinos.
  • They’ve now accepted that Pinoy food can now compete with the likes of Chinese, Korean, Japanese or other Asian counterparts.
  • It’s because it is that popular now.

The latter may not be hundred percent agreeable yet but I think it is getting there soon.

Just in Dubai alone, Filipino restaurants are spreading and keeps on growing. I name the major ones like Jollibee of course. Then there’s Dampa Seafood Grill, La Mesa Restaurant, Carinderia ni Tandang Sora, Uling at Parilya, Little Manila, Paluto by Chef Boy Logro, Tapa King and Chow King. And even when you go to the Northern Emirates, you’ll also find Pinoy restaurants.

It also amuses me to see other nationalities queueing up in any Pinoy restos here. Not that many, but these are the so called few who have tried, tasted, and embraced the complex yet delicious cuisine.

Try searching these hashtags on your gram account, #FilipinoFoodMovement, #FilipinoFood, #FilipinoCuisine, #PinoyFood etc, modesty aside, you’ll be drooling right then. (Also, let’s check each others gram account too, mine is @santiagofilman) Cheers!

This might be bias but I want to leave this question. What is stopping you from eating Filipino Food? Give it a try now and leave your comments below on why you like ’em or the other way around. Daghang Salamat!






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