Where To Buy Best Used Items In Dubai?

Not In Particular Order

If you are new in the city of gold, or even to those who have been living here for several years and is looking for Best Used Items In Dubai, to buy? Here are the following recommendations from sounds funny and the not so funny:

dubizzle.com – this classifieds portal was created way back in 2005 by 2 expats who have seen the need for a classifieds portal for everyone to sell and used items. It started in Dubai but later on expanded its reach to not just to the whole of United Arab Emirates but to all GCC and to some MENA countries.

Aside from its website, dubizzle also has an app, which is available for download from Google Play and App Store. From its humble beginnings, dubizzle has become part of the world’s leading classifieds brand, the OLX company, which operates in more than 50 global markets. Thus making them to generate an overall 17 billion page views per month.

getthat.com – powered by the largest news brand in the UAE, gulfnews.com which has over 28 million page views per month; is another leading classifieds portal for used items. This portal is designed to make “finding, buying and selling”, easier for everyone to take advantage of.

souq.com – which is now part of this tech American giant Amazon company, also has great inventory of used items aside from its brand new products. An app is also available for download from Google Play and App Store for mobile savvy users.

dubai-fleamarket.com – if you want to personally see the used items you want to buy, this is the best thing for you to check. Due to extreme hot and humid weather condition here during summer, Dubai Flea Market is usually held in the cooler months in different parks all over the emirate. But there are times that they’ve held it indoor, like in Dubai World Trade Center.

Just bring your extra large bags or container to hold your bought items up as you don’t want to end up struggling bringing them home.

There are so many other sites or venues having the same purpose, which is selling used items, but above are the top suggestions you can try.


Bargain – yes, bargaining in this part of the world is very much in practice so don’t hesitate if you find an interesting item be it online or in person.

Scam – although Dubai is considered among the few cities in the world that has a very low crime rate, and considered to be one of the safest, it is still imperative to be always cautious and inquisitive when doing a transaction, especially when doing it online. The Best Used Items In Dubai is best purchased┬áin person. Never send out your payment online unless you are confident with its authenticity.




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