Best Gift For The Year – Bamboo Watch

Let’s Talk About Bamboo

If you are Filipino reading this post, perhaps you would understand if I ask why the former Rivermaya band lead vocalist was named Bamboo (Mañalac)?. But let us not dig into that.

I am here with this post to talk more about this awesome Bamboo Watch I have received days back as an anniversary and birthday gift to me from my wife and kiddos. I have been sharing this on my Instagram and Facebook accounts telling why I am so happy having it. I even vlogged about it.

It is not the first time that I’ve seen bamboo products such as this, but seeing our pic in it and the kinda kilig brought by the sweet 3 lines at the back, made it so special.

The watch is meticulously done. Mainly made out of bamboo, but the brown leather strap matches the accent of that of the bamboo, which has a cool natural feel. While technology is getting more techie day by day, here comes this watch, which kinda goes back to the basics.

Until now, I still can’t convince my wife to provide me the specific website where she ordered it. But these are the details I can provide for the measurements using iPhone’s “measure” app.

Since it’s made of bamboo and leather, wearing it is seamless and it feels like you are not wearing a watch at all. Very light and fits comfortably on your wrist.

This holiday season and for the next special occasions, I recommend for you to try gifting your lovedones or friends with this one. Giving a watch to someone surely brings awesome feeling as it carries a deep and sincere meaning, which pertains to time.

Presenting a watch as a giftis generally associated with specific occasions; and great thought and effort is put forth in choosing the perfect watch for its recipient.

There are so many online stores available but to help you out, you may try selecting and ordering your choice of Bamboo Watch from amazon. They ship worldwide.






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