Stop Wars – A Word Play

One Christmas Evening


The Star Wars Episode IX is now being cooked in the kitchen for its 2019 release. As a half-baked fan of this pop culture phenomenon, everything related or even similar to any of its franchise or merchandise always catch my attention. Just like what happened last Christmas Eve while in Al Khail Mall, one of the community malls in Al Quoz 4, Dubai, UAE.

I saw this gray sweat shirt on display with a print which at first, I thought that of Star Wars. And on my second look, STOP WARS, it says. What a word play!

I was on the verge of laughing my ass off as the word play was rightfully put into context since it’s Christmas time. But quickly I thought of something else which brought me to thinking of the current and real wars that are happening, everywhere, today.

Definition Of War

It’s defined as an armed conflict between countries or within a country. But war is also true in relationships, families, communities, in political arenas, and even at work. The only difference is that the latter wars can be resolved by simply (but seem difficult to most involved) swallowing one’s pride and ego. The former can only be resolved through bloodshed.

One can be an advocate for peace but achieving it, can’t be done when lawless elements continue to flourish with their terroristic agendas.

Me, wearing it doesn’t simply mean, I want wars just to end, like end abruptly. IT has to topple down the troublemakers first.

So STOP WARS… when you think, it is the right time to stop them. 🙂 It might just be a word play, but it conveys deeper meaning and understanding.

Daghang Salamat and Happy Holidays!



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