10 Best Tech Must-Haves For His And Hers This Valentine’s

Gifting Affair

Another heart’s day to celebrate for everyone; lovers or married couple alike. Another headache for most of us on which gift to buy for that special someone and how to get rid of the usual red roses and chocolates.

Gifting has always been part of this love affair, which aims to give more sparkle to any relationship there is.

We thought of breaking down 10 best tech for his and hers gift items, which we believe gets appreciation from whoever the receiver is.


1)Playstation 4 Slim
This tech is for all ages and can be played for both. Having quality time with this tech can also contribute to a healthy relationship.

2) Tile Pro
This small tech will avoid any unnecessary heated arguments, especially when both of you are in a hurry and are left with no time to find your car, room or apartment keys.

3) Nintendo Switch
If PS4 is not for you, as it’s very bulky and is stationary, then this tech is a good alternative. Best for winding and killing time at the park during the cold months

4) Fujifilm Instax Mini 9
This a bit bulky handheld camera may be old to you, but think of how instant you’ll have a copy of your and your loved one’s memories

5) Fire 7
Or this awesome assistant with built-in Alexa for your entertainment or kindle reading needs.

6) Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones
Guys, your girl will surely love this Rose Gold headphone for “me” time.

7) Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series ll)
Now girls, see this, if you think you are that talky partner, give your guy some “inner peace” some time. He’ll be like venerating you when you give him this.

8) Shower Speaker
This is really great for you or your partner’s bathroom singing performances.

9) Lightweight Laptop Backpack
Best to organize techs especially when both of you are travelling.

10) DJI Spark with Remote Control Combo
Last one but not the least, as this will capture great moments and experiences, especially when you go places. Just make sure to update yourself with the specific (local) laws & regulations for drones of the particular place you are in to avoid problems.

There goes the 10 Best Tech Must-Haves for His and Hers this Valentine’s. Daghang salamat!




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