The Best Phone Holder – A Bamboo?

Going Back To Basics – Best Phone Holder

Last month, I got an amazing Bamboo Watch from my wife and kiddos as their gift to me for our 10th Wedding Anniversary and my birthday. The way they’ve used bamboo materials to create a timepiece such as that was more than like an art or not like for fashion’s sake but is like giving more importance to a grass.


I must admit, these kinds of products have made a come back, but I have observed just now its massive uses.  Before, we could only see toothpick and chopsticks, but now, it could be a chopping board, a watch, a best phone holder and so on.

This is not a sponsored blog and this brand also needs no sponsored marketing, but this phone holder we purchased from Ikea is worth sharing, as personally, it is another breakthrough for a grass like bamboo.

The reversible Ikea Bamboo Phone/Tablet Holder

iPhone 7 perfectly fits

In our last Philippine vacation, we started noticing some famous establishments that have stopped or minimized their plastic usage. McDonald’s is one, where they’ve cut the use of plastic straws and you’ve got to sip your juice or soft drinks directly from the cups. Canadian vlogger and content creator / youtuber / adventurer Kyle Jennerman of Becoming Filipino have tried his very best not to use, if not minimize, the use of plastics, which he always mentions in any of his vlogs.

With this, on the other hand, I consider this new found organic bamboo accessory, the best phone holder available in the market today coz it is all natural.

Using this kind of product will help minimize, if not stop minings, which scours raw materials like metals, etc.  Bamboo can be farmed anywhere without damaging our natural resources. And this will help at least, in strengthening the campaign to end plastic pollution.

My daughter’s enjoying her kiddie youtube browsing before hitting the sack

It holds your phone or tablet firmly


You may ask what the other slot is for or is it just an additional cut to make use of that long space, which is basically designed to hold any device inserted into it?  Nope. The two slots actually have different sizes. The use of the slots depends on how thick your gadget is or whether you are using a protective case or not. Both slots are also lined with soft felt, which protects your mobile phone or tablet.

This environment-friendly best phone holder made from bamboo measures:

Length: 13 cm
Width: 8 cm
Height: 2 cm
Weighs: 0.10 kg
As mentioned in my earlier post, there are so many online stores available including Ikea selling this kind of products, but to help you out, you may try selecting and ordering your choice of products from amazon if Ikea is not available in your area. They ship worldwide.





This is not a paid/sponsored post and this is of author’s own and honest opinion.
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