Does Five Guys Deserve A Star Rating?

Here’s The Family Review

There are seven branches of Five Guys here in the United Arab Emirates as of this writing. One of which is in the capital Abu Dhabi, and the rest are scattered in the emirate of Dubai.

This burgers and fries American staple brand is a multi-awarded restaurant, which started in Washington, DC in America way back in 1986. Five Guys, as there were 5 (guys) of them in the Murrell family including the father. But eventually, a fifth son came later on who were all hands on in running the business.

Check out grillers in souq.

My wife and I picked up our kids late from their day time nanny. Good thing I was able to convince the wifey that we try out Five Guys – I’ve had several attempts already since they’ve opened here in UAE.

It was still Monday, so going to their La Mer branch wouldn’t be a problem traffic-wise.

At the counter, we spent several minutes studying the flow of ordering, being first timers, then placed our order after checking their as easy as A-B-C overhead flow-board.

The Orders

  • 2 Cheeseburgers / Large – Dhs 44/- each
  • 2 Cheese Dogs / Large – Dhs 27/- each
  • 1 Bottled Water / Small – Dhs 12/- each
  • 1 Milk Shake / Regular Dhs 25/- each
  • 1 Free Refill Coke Zero – Dhs 15/- each

The First Bites

Everything was straightforward, from the number of choices in their menu, the ordering, to the self service pick up of unlimited on-shell peanuts, and to taking all the ordered food from a big paper bag.

The family liked the kinda plastic-free environment, if only there were no plastic drinking straws.

Known for their messy and juicy burgers, my first bite was a winner as I right away felt its goodness.

Aside from it being heavy compared to its competitors with the same price that I’ve tried here in UAE, I am safe to say that Five Guys’ Burgers are like no other.

The sweet and tangy taste of the caramelized white onions exploded proportionately along with the other ingredients and condiments in my burger sandwich.

The texture of the bread helps in giving the yummy goodness chew after every big bite.

I felt the fatty juices dripping on my fingers and its every drop onto the unpretentious foil wrapper. Yummy!

The wifey was a bit overwhelmed and promised to have the small size next time, but she managed to finish the large till the last bite. Also, she will have all the condiments included as the taste was slightly bland for her.

The kids, who usually settle for fries and small burgers in other fastfood chains, this time, they enjoyed munching on their hotdogs.

Five Guys Cheeseburger

Star Rating

Overall, our experience at Five Guys deserves 9.5 out of 10. The price, the taste, the size, the place, the ambiance (although am having difficulty taking a video for my vlog), the staff etc, were the reason for that rating I have for them.

And not to forget their milkshake, that even our daughter kept on asking us when are we going to return, as she’d like to have her separate order of it.

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