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Mommy Diary Work-at-home mom’s diary

Giavanne”s Gem Fashion,Beauty, Skincare, Style Trends

LBD and Onesies a personal blog about the everyday escapades of a young mom 😉 it features fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and anything under the sun.

GeriLen Elinessete It’s all about anything under the sun, from my everyday rants to surreal make up and fashion fantasies… Here is where I share the books I read, where I pig-out, places I’ve been and a lot more in between! At the end of the day, this is where I pour my girlish dreams after hours of demanding analytical work.

Nica Franz World Thoughts in words of a stay at home mom. All endeavors and adventures experienced by the whole family. What it is like to love and be loved by everyone around you.

The Harassed Mom and Her Food Journey Quick kitchen recipes for the harassed mom

Dozen Daybreak Teacher. Lifestyle blogger. Pampanga adventurer. Hobby writer. Nail polish addict. Health conscious. Music lover. Foodie. Kpop fangirl. Lovable girlfriend.

RemakeStyle RemakeStyle, your daily dose of fashion, style, makeup, lifestyle, and product reviews

A Woman’s Story a blog about women and the roles we play

Postcard Trail My blog is all about my travels of here and there. Now my post are about the country I am living at Abu Dhabi

My Kimcheed Life Blogging about life in Zamboanga, my family, work, interests, worries, and what-nots. It’s basically where I talk about anything and everything only to end up blabbing.!

Posts by Jen A Pinay mom’s blog about spiritual learnings, family life, designs and projects from her work as an architect/designer in Manila and Dubai.

Ohh That! A Woman’s Lifestyle Blog featuring Tin’s collection of ‘lil extra ordinary things that made her say “Ohhthat!”.

sounds funny and the not so funny This blog site was created to bring out everything that is interesting and interestingly funny and even the not so funny things in our everyday lives. This blog includes important current events, celebrations, reviews, food stuff, technologies, music, family, relationships and so on with the blogger’s personal views.

miss JHENZ Shows how a woman should embody beauty in herself inside and out. Just enjoy life and be who you are!

Chronicles of Princess Ayu This is my personal blog with the shuffled collections of memories, stories, and fantasies.

Stage Mom and More I’m a doting mom to my energetic toddlers and a stage mother to my Dance Sport kids. I blog about my adventures, my thoughts and my dreams.

Of Bows and Frilss This is my personal blog where I tell the stories of my every memorable experience. I also include recent songs, the sports I play, and the places I went to. This is also the place where I put shout outs to people which I can’t say upfront.

Adventures of a Dilettante Single Mom Just a collection of random thoughts of a single mom. Striving to share and learn new things!

Vanessa’s – Le Journal Digital thoughts of mine, art, music and full of randomness.

Sugar Plums and Lollipops I am a blogger of food, decor, books and all things girly!

Not Just Silly Thoughts Not Just Silly Thoughts is my attempt at a fresh start in blogging. This will be all about me. My interests, my ideas, my adventures and misadventures. Let me regale you with my stories in life.

My Nurturing Thoughts A personal blog. Just looking for my happy place.

Lupet Blog My personal blog, Collection of stuffs I’m interested.

Steps on Air Travels and all other tales taking place in between them

In My Loving Arms Parenting

Mommy Practicality A blog about motherhood, parenting, family, relationships, children, travel, food & product encounters, and practical tips for working and stay-at-home moms alike.

The World of Ups and Downs My blog is titled as The World of Ups and Downs. It is about everything that happened to my life, the learning, experiences and more. 🙂 I made this blog because I got interested reading different blogs.

26 with 4 Kids sharing motherhood experience

Online Mommy’s Corner This is a chronicle of my motherhood, faith, and anything that comes in between 🙂

Duke’s Better Half Bits and pieces of me: what I do, what I think and all about my experiences

Pinoy Nanay a woman’s journey through life with dialysis and kidney disease. Posts about parenting and special children.

Oh! MomMy This blog is designed to encourage parents especially hands on moms like me. This aims to share personal experiences being a wife, mother, a friend and being just a woman.

I Write About a site about personal reviews and blogger’s thoughts

Extraordinaryjourney my blog tells about my personal story and opinions to anything that interests or annoys me..

Walk of Life mother’s feeling being away from kids

Of Dreams, Love and Faith Dream More. Love More. Believe More.

Rainbow Treats Loving food and living life one restaurant at a time

Davao Mommy This is the personal blog of a grammar crusader from Davao turned work-at-home mommy

Mama Is Working A chronicle of a working mom’s challenges and triumphs. It tackles issues such as parenting, kids’ schooling, and family values.

Big Histrionic Fashion My blog is all about fashion, reinventions of dresses and accessories and daily wear reviews and advices. It aims to empower plus size women from teens to moms.

Crazy Beautiful Life of Karen This blog talks about my profession, life and love adventures. I’m a NURSE. A hopeless romantic person. Waiting for MR. RIGHT to come along at the right time and place. I have passion for culinary and arts. Love travels and adventures. And most of all PHOTOGRAPHY interests me much!

Swirls and Scribbles “She blogs about the her mysteries in her world. She loves photography, food, fashion and to travel at the same time. Follow her adventures to
unveil surprises life will offer.

Momaye’s Diary A Diary of a Chemist and a Blogger Mom


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